FINOAK pre-finished wooden flooring launch

In line with current flooring trends we are excited to Launch FINOAK Pre-finished wood flooring. FINOAK Pre-finished comes in a natural and warm palette consisting of 8 unique stains.

These stains have been selected to be in line with current Hardwood Stain and colour trends

  1. Greys and cooler tones – As industrial neutrals and the demand for grey hardwood stains continue to increase we’ve chosen 2 pre-finished popular greys. However if these stains are not what you are looking for there are 17 other tones of Grey to choose from.
  2. Blondes – The 2nd most popular colour is going as light as possible. Designers and architect like the crisp natural/raw look and they want to avoid the yellows/golds. Corn Silk is light and almost white washed while Loba Invisible preserves the natural raw look of the wood.
  3. Ultra dark – Due to the high demand for dark floor we have introduced Dark Grey as a stain finish. Dark floors tend to be more difficult to maintain as scratched and dirt show up immediately so the medium tone of Dark grey is the perfect balance between practicality and style. And the floor is still light enough to pick up the grain.

It’s no secret that larger planks make your room look bigger, more elegant and expensive. FINOAK comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses & surface finishes with a 27 year limited residential warranty.

Finished in smooth or wire brushed gives floors that aged, distressed look. These surface finishes not only give the wood a unique style but also hide new scratches, dirt and dust, making them a popular choice for families and homeowners with pets.

FINOAK Pre-finished wood flooring will save you time and money, because the planks are pre-finished you don’t have to seal or finish the floor on site. Once installed the floors can be walked on immediately.

For more information call us country wide on 0860 346 356.