Clear or rustic grade wood flooring

Finoak Clear vs rustic grades

Clear or Rusic grade wood flooring.

What is the difference between clear and rustic grade Oak?


Oak is widely considered to be the finest available wood worldwide due to it’s attractive colouring, figuring and durability properties. Selection of grade is purely an aesthetic preference.

FinOak floors are available in Clear and Rustic grades, all of which feature boards that are carefully hand graded and selected to your specification, as outlined below;

  • Rustic Grade
  • These planks are manufactured from the outer parts of a timber plank or trunk, where branches would attach to the tree. When the plank is sawn you see knots, where the branches would have been. There is also more variation in the timbers colour. Visible knots then get filled and sanded to complement the natural figuring and colour of the boards. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for some character.

  • Clear Grade
  • The clear grade also known as premium grade is the timber that is in the core of the tree. When the tree is felled there are fewer pieces of premium / classic grade available so it is therefore more expensive. Each board has been carefully selected to ensure that the beautiful figuring of the wood is highlighted but no knots are present in clear grade wooden flooring.
    Clean, contemporary and incredibly stylish you cant go wrong with wooden flooring for domestic of commercial purposes.