Launching Woodline Parquetry’s Unfinished Smoked Oak

unfinished Smoked Oak

As a major design element, flooring takes up a large square meterage of your living space, thus, making is a significant component that sets the ambiance of your home. A set of elegant floors will be a worthwhile investment that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

One of the most popular categories of high-end flooring is the engineered wooden floors. It has always been associated with luxury and class, making it an all-time favourite for interior decorators as well as private home owners. In addition to the aesthetic values of the product, engineered wooden floors are durable, cost-effective, and will surely give your home a warm and natural ambiance.

At Inovar, we are excited to introduce our newest engineered wooden floor range, the Smoked Oak from Woodline Parquetry. The product is an innovation from the traditional oak timber that has a slight yellowish under tone, and is instead a rich chocolate brown due to the smoking of the original timber. This colour scheme will perfectly complement most styles of interior design and add a dash of rustic panache to any living space it occupies.

Whether you are fitting the floors onto a new house, renovating your existing home, or simply giving your home a small upgrade, the Smoked Oak will be a suitable choice. It is also a safe choice for families with children or pets. The robust finishing prevents the floor from being easily damaged by baby strollers or your pets’ nails, and can be effortlessly cleaned up in case of spills.

The unfinished Smoked Oak flooring from Woodline Parquetry can be stained with Jax Oleum which enhances the grain to give the final product a more brilliant finish. Additionally, Oleum strengthens the timber, making it more durable and long lasting. Your floors will be protected from water, heat, and sunlight, thus, making it suitable for any room of your house.

In terms of installation, the Smoked Oak wood flooring is so simple to install, even if you decide to make it a weekend DIY project yourself. It does not involve the application of toxic adhesives that may potentially harm your family. Instead, it uses an engineered technology that allows each plank to click into each other without the threat of falling apart. We are so confident in this product that it has a 25-year residential warranty!

Furthermore, Woodline Parquetry adheres to a strict Green Policy that aims to support sustainable growth. The wood used in all of their ranges is responsibly sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved renewable forests that are sensibly managed.

Therefore, the Woodline Parquetry’s Smoked Oak flooring is definitely the right choice for you and four our planet, as well as a worthwhile investment for your home. For more information on the product, visit our web page or phone our national number: 0860 346 356.