Woodline Parquetry

Woodline Parquetry

We believe that every company has a duty to be responsible to the environment. Today more than ever. Wood, if it is sourced correctly, is one of the most renewable resources in the world. Other kinds of man made floors are produced in mines or factories requiring huge amounts of energy which thus emit more greenhouse gases.
We use wood that is planted for the production of natural rubber as the base for our products. This means the tree is not removed from the forest nor cut down for timber. It is only felled when it has to be replaced towards the end of its natural productive life (25 to 30 years). This is a 100% plantation species in Asia as it only occurs in the wild in Brazil. Thus 75% of our products are renewable. For the precious wood that is used for the face, we take every care to ensure that we purchase only legally sourced timber. Therefore, you may walk on your beautiful floor with absolute confidence that you have made the right choice. For you. For the planet.

Benefits of Hevea Core

All our products are manufactured with a tropical hardwood core material (Hevea), as opposed to Spruce, Pine, Poplar etc. Hevea Brasiliensis (Rubberwood) is a plantation species that yields natural latex in its harvestable lifespan. When the trees have reached an age where latex yield is no longer adequate, the trees are harvested for lumber. This process of felling and replanting occurs every 25 to 30 years.

Today, Rubberwood is widely accepted as an excellent substitute for many hardwood species due its excellent physical and mechanical properties. This attributes to the sound environmental care policy of using a renewable resource.

It is a generally known fact that Rubberwood core in 3 layer engineered wood floors is stronger than other species used in the market due to its physical and mechanical strengths. Being a hardwood species, with similar densities and characteristics to Oak, Rubberwood enhances greater dimensional stability and withstands external pressure (such as temperature, moisture and air) to change.

We take great pride in the fact that the majority of our 3 layer engineered flooring composition encompasses the usage of renewable timber resources. Over 75% of the finished product is from plantation species. This meets the international standard of declaring a product environmentally friendly. Therefore, we proudly introduce to you an environmentally safe and beautiful product.