Summer flooring trends 2018

AGT Natura line, Nil white flooring

We have put together a list that highlights some of the most dominant flooring trends of the season that will follow through this year.

    1. White flooring. Whether you are installing laminate, vinyl or wooden flooring look for planks with natural wood textures and light whiter highlights. White flooring makes spaces seem larger and brighter and is used extensively from beach homes, to contemporary lofts and upmarket homesteads.
    2. Grey flooring has been in high demand over the past 5 years and is still on the rise. Grey planks that look like wood, some with white washed wood variations on the greys, and a blending of browns and greys for the ever trending ‘Greige’ look are still frequently requested and specified by architects and designers.
    3. Blonder, lighter and natural hardwood flooring is a consistent theme and a most popular flooring choice. A natural flooring that won’t age and date over time will always be in fashion.
    4. The demand for larger planks that are longer and wider and reminiscent of antique or reclaimed hardwood has dramatically increased. In 2018 larger planks continue to be a front-runner by opening up the rooms they are installed in to make the spaces feel more luxurious, bigger and more inviting.
    5. Herringbone and chevron designs are making a comeback. Inovar in response has recently added a ‘Authentic herringbone’ laminate flooring range to their product offering. It can be installed in a herringbone, basket weave or 10 other patterns. So homeowners and designers have the choice and freedom to make a unique statement floor in a variety of eye-catching layouts.
    6. Vinyl flooring. 2018 is the year of SPC and Rigid core vinyl, with huge improvements in vinyl floorings performance, under greater exposure to sunlight and water, changing temperatures, ease of maintenance, and realistic planks that mimic the natural look and feel of wooden flooring. Vinyl flooring is taking the world by storm and it’s going to be very exciting journey.
    7. Eco-friendly and sustainable flooring solutions. With our environment and environmental impact being a priority seeking out a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly building material when renovating can create a significant difference in the future health of our planet. Choose products and suppliers that value and place emphasis on providing an environmentally sustainable product offering.

White flooring

Grey Flooring

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