5 reasons why you should choose laminate flooring for your home

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Laying the foundations of a happy home involve choosing the interiors that you can see yourself being comfortable with for years to come. Most importantly, it’s about choosing décor that truly reflects your style and your lifestyle. Flooring is regarded as one of the more permanent fittings, so it’s important to choose wisely. Laminate flooring is a hugely popular choice these days owing to its durability, versatility and ease of maintenance. Here are some things you need to consider when furnishing your new home with the fittings of your dreams.

Your (life)style

On top of the list is to first consider how you live and what you need. Are you a cyclist that is always traipsing mud into the living room? Do you have kids that are weekend Crayola artists? Are you looking to create a worldly retreat that acts as a sanctuary of calm in a world that seems so crazy? Perhaps you have a home office and need to consider how your floor will handle the castors of your chair, or you love entertaining but that cousin Peg always seems to spill her red wine whenever she’s over for a dinner party. Whoever you are, be honest about what you need and choose a floor that can do the job, and look pretty doing it. Laminates come is a plethora of colours and finishes, enough to satisfy even the most style-conscious and trendy shopper.

Laminate flooring to fit your lifestyle flooring

Ease of installation

Is difficulty of installation ever an option? No. Laminate flooring is as easy to fit as it is to maintain. You can either go the DIY route or choose from a list of accredited installers who will come and get the job done for you in a couple of hours. The great part is that laminates like the AGT Bella and Natura Lines need very little to no sub-floor preparation, meaning that you can simply install over the existing floor and rather spend time on things that matter most to you, like cycling or with your Crayola artists.

Safe for your family

You should consider your floor from a safety perspective. The idea of “indoor air quality” is becoming more of a thing in the modern world, where we are constantly faced with air pollution, smog and carbon emissions. Your flooring choice should be part of the solution, so spend some time investigating how your floor-to-be has been manufactured, and make sure that it is safe for those that you are proud to call your own. The European Standard for laminate flooring (EN 13329) is the benchmark for laminate flooring today, so make sure the product you buy has been thoroughly tested.

Furry friendly

Laminate floors are an excellent choice for pet owners because they are 100% hypo-allergenic. The non-porous top layer of the board does not let dust mites in and they cannot breed, which of course is the leading cause of allergies in domestic settings today. The plus for pet owners is that the hygienic and waterproof seal allows for easy cleanup of pet fur and mess. The downside for doggies is that they’re going to have to keep their nails well-trimmed so they don’t scratch the surface of your new floor.

Built to last

Do yourself a favour now and buy something that’s built to last. Spend a bit of extra time researching the brand, understanding their ethos and looking into their technological innovations. Finfloor is discerning about the brands that they stock, and we make sure that the brands we choose align with our values and are as passionate about people and the planet, as they are about profit. Lines like AGT that hail from Turkey comply with the strictest European standards of manufacture, and create quality products that we are confident enough to back with our famous Finfloor warranty.

In a nutshell, consider your life, your style and what job you need your flooring to do. Choose a quality product that is made by a brand you can trust, with the technical specs to prove it. Then, make sure that you buy from a local supplier that can offer a good warranty and is supported by a network of approved installers to get the job done right, the first time. If you tick all these boxes, you’ll be sure to make a decision that you won’t regret.