Supreme laminate flooring environmentally friendly

Supreme laminate flooring collection is environmentally friendly, manufactured from sustainable and renewable wood surplus and waste from the wood industry. Sourced from renewable Conifer plantation forests and never from exotic woods and rainforests that are currently under threat of extinction makes Supreme laminates a natural product that’s both environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. Supremes’ design layer is made by taking a picture of the real timber giving you a true to life wood look and feel with out having to exploit our natural forests. Printed using non-solvent based inks, which contain no heavy metals means it does not emit any toxic fumes on combustion.

Supreme uses reclaimed energy. Due to the high amount of thermal energy that can be extracted when burned. We use this energy in the manufacturing process by recycling all the wood waste from our milling and sawing process to heat up the production facilities. Supreme is long lasting, beautiful and environmentally friendly.