Engineered wood cladding

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Consider Engineered Wood Cladding for your Home or Office

Hard wood cladding is a valuable and timeless addition to your environment – it adds a natural quality and a luxurious appeal to your home or office. But solid wood can come at quite a cost, both to your pocket and to the environment so a more affordable and eco-friendly approach would be to install engineered wood flooring panels to clad your walls. Engineered hardwood cladding is a fantastic alternative to solid hardwood cladding because it has more dimensional strength and it is very difficult to distinguish between the two once they have been installed.

Engineered wood cladding provides better stability and is constructed with a 3-ply or multi-ply wood base to ensure that it is more resistant to variations in temperature and moisture. The top layer of hardwood is made from real, solid wood and runs perpendicular to the 3-ply or multi-ply base, which creates the strength and stability by allowing it to react to changes in temperature and humidity. Because engineered hardwood flooring is dimensionally stable, it also means that it can be installed in a number of different ways, including: nailed or screwed down, glued down using flexible flooring adhesive or floated over an underlay, although for cladding a wall or ceiling the floating option would not work. In this case, the engineered wood would need to be fixed down with glue or nails.

The main advantages of engineered hardwood cladding are the facts that it is:

  • Less costly than solid hardwood flooring
  • Difficult to tell apart from solid wood cladding once installed
  • Unlike laminate flooring, has a real layer of wood on top
  • More resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity than solid wood cladding
  • Installed using click-fitting system, making it quick and easy to install
  • Available in different colours and finishes
  • The top layer can be sanded and re-finished if necessary