Finfloor laminate flooring can be used and installed as a DIY product. Although we strongly recommend using a professional to make sure your subfloors and installation method are adequate to keep your warranty in order. Every box has the installation instructions on the back on the box. If you would like to view the instructions online please view instructions or download them as a pdf.


Finfloor AC4 V-4 – Technical specifications

Top Surface

Melamine impregnated decorative film. Protected by an anti abrasive overlay.

Core Material

Water resistant H.D.F.(High Density Fibre Board). Average density >880/890 kg/m³. High-density fibreboard has high wax content = good water resistance quality/E1. Tongue and groove is impregnated with wax treatment to increase water/moisture resistance.

Bottom Surface

Balancing film.







Fit for use Grading

AC4/W32 General commercial/Heavy domestic

Installation method

Valinge patented glueless jointing system


25 years Heavy domestic
5 years Moderate/general commercial use.
Finfloor and Finfloor products conform to EN-13329 performance standards

Highly Stain Resistant

– Covered under a SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty Finfloor and Finfloor products have a sealed surface, which ensures that dust and dirt simply can’t penetrate or cling on stubbornly. That’s why it’s hygienic, easy to maintain and kind to people with allergies – all for the good of your health! Furthermore, cleaning detergents are practically a thing of the past as the floor cleans well with just plain water and a damp microfibre cloth / mop. That is good news for the environment and good news for your shopping bill!

Highly Wear Resistant

– Covered under a SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty Finfloor and Finfloor products have a wear-resistant layer on the surface specifically engineered to protect it from being easily-scratched, thus, making it a longer-lasting product, compared to other types of floor covering materials.

Fade Resistant

– Covered under a SOLID Direct Manufacturer’s Warranty All of our design layers (the layer in the flooring surface that shows the wood pattern) are produced with imported raw material from Europe and US. They are produced under stringent quality control measures according to global industry standards.

Superior Water Resistant Core

– Less than 8% Thickness Swelling rate But just being tough is not enough. The core of Finfloor and Finfloor products is made of hardwood fibres with very good water resistant properties. The result – a tough floor covering material which is very water resistant. So, when you are looking for the best in laminate flooring, choose Finfloor or Finfloor, because the advantage is clear.


Tech. Properties


Short Test Description

Abrasion resistance specimen
Taber Abraser test – Two weight rollers with sandpaper are run on.
Measured is the number of revolutions for “IP”, first visible attack on surface, “AT” medium value between “IP” and “FP”, surface ground through to underlay/core.
Scratch Resistance
A diamond tipped, weighted spring is drawn across the specimen. The results are registered and the lowest value showing a visible mark on the surface is listed. The measurement is done in Newton.
Load Resistance
A cylindrical stamp with a defined load is put on specimen. Measured is the impression under load and after removal of load.
Impact Resistance
Falling ball test – A ball with a diameter 42,8mm and 324 gr. weight falls on specimen. Measured is the maximum height without damage.
Suitability for chairs With castors ( soft )
Weighted chair castors are moved in a circle on the specimen. After a defined number of revolutions – 50.000/100.000 the specimen is visually inspected for damage.
Stain Resistance
A number of substances commonly used in day to day life is applied to specimen. I.e. foodstuff, drinks ( citric acid etc), nail polish, shoe polish and then removed. The surface is inspected for permanent stains/changes.
A mixture of graphite and oil is applied to specimen. The remaining graphite residue is measured in grade 0 = non-porous to grade 5 = surface very porous.
Changes are measured against blue scale, grade 6 = no change
Resistance against Cigarette burns
A lit cigarette is put on surface for a defined period of time. After removal no surface damage is allowed, however, slight discolouration is permissible.
Cracking Resistance
Specimen is subjected to large temperature change. No cracks permissible.
Fire resistance
For flooring B1 = difficult inflammability applies.
Measured in permissible ppm emission. For Europe Emission E1 applies.
Electrical resistance
ro. 10 to power of 9 to 10 to power of 12 ohm
Waste disposal
Normal household waste, no PDB, Dioxin or Furane emission when burned.
Water Resistance
Sample immersed in water for 24 hours @ 20oC, difference between the 2 Samples is measured & the result noted.

Flooring Composition

The diagram below displays the Flooring composition of the various types of floors that are available.

Maintenance as Easy as 1,2,3!

Due to the composition and construction of the product, as well as the extremely hard-wearing and non-toxic aluminum oxide protection layer on the surface, trouble-free cleaning and maintenance is well within reach.

General daily maintenance only requires sweeping or vacuuming to remove any loose dirt.
Use a damp mop with plain water to clean. Avoid excessive amounts of water. If a spill occurs, soak up the liquid promptly.
Floor polish or wax are unable to penetrate the surface of the floor and are not recommended.
Stubborn stains like grease, tar, mud, shoe or nail polish etc can be spot cleaned with Finfloor special cleaning agents.
While Finfloor is highly fade-resistant, stain-resistant, impact-resistant, burn-resistant as well as very scratch- resistant, it is still possible that you may end up with an unintentional scratch when some extremely sharp or very heavy furniture is accidentally dragged across. For peace of mind, please use felt pads on the legs of furniture to prevent such incidents.
Frequently accessed areas / entrances should be protected with a suitable doormat (of sufficient size) to keep away coarse dirt, grit and stones.
Furniture legs should be protected by felt pads or plastic caps.
When moving heavy furniture lift it and do not drag it across the floor.
Put UV filter/sheer/curtain/blinds on windows in areas where there is direct exposure to sunlight.