Product Information

The LANTEX FABRIC VENETIAN BLIND brings a totally new “SOFT LOOK” to venetian blinds.

  • Available in 50mm width slats only.
  • Lantex slats are available in a stunning range of colors. Translucent and Room Darkening options are available.
  • Lantex slats are much lighter in weight than traditional venetian blinds, allowing much wider and higher blinds to be made.
  • Lantex slats are made from 100% DTY Polyester filament.
  • Lantex slats create a very ‘soft’ feel, when compared to the hard and ‘cold’ surface finishes of traditional venetian blinds.
  • Lantex slats are 100% waterproof. This plays a very important role in allowing the user peace of mind in moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Lantex slats are UV stabalised to ensure color fastness over a long period of time.
  • Lantex slats are extremely hard wearing, and are almost impossible to break. This may be the singulary most important benefit to the customer, for long term returns on the product, especially when compared to traditional forms of venetian blinds.
  • Blinds can be MOTORISED.

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Specifications and Downloads

Supply and installation of LANTEX FABRIC VENETIAN BLINDS with 50mm Windovert fabric slats in your colour choice, inclusive of components and operating system. Slats to have anti-microbial, anti-static, and 100% Waterproof coatings. High Profile Headrails to be color co-ordinated to slat color.

  • No. of blinds, widths, heights and type of fixing required for accurate pricing.
  • Specify whether manual or motorised operation required.
  • Stack height is to be taken into account where relevant. See table below.
  • More information on our WARRANTY.
Slat Width Max Width Min Width Max Drop Max Area Motorised
50mm 3000mm 480mm 3500mm 9m2 Yes