floor sweeping

Due to the composition and construction of the product, as well as the extremely hard-wearing and non-toxic aluminum oxide protection layer on the surface, trouble-free cleaning and maintenance is well within reach.

  • General daily maintenance only requires sweeping or vacuuming to remove any loose dirt.
  • Use a damp mop with plain water to clean. Avoid excessive amounts of water. If a spill occurs, soak up the liquid promptly.
  • Floor polish or wax are unable to penetrate the surface of the floor and are not recommended.
  • Stubborn stains like grease, tar, mud, shoe or nail polish etc can be spot cleaned with Finfloor special cleaning agents.
  • While our flooring is highly fade-resistant, stain-resistant, impact-resistant, burn-resistant as well as very scratch- resistant, it is still possible that you may end up with an unintentional scratch when some extremely sharp or very heavy furniture is accidentally dragged across. For peace of mind, please use felt pads on the legs of furniture to prevent such incidents.
  • Frequently accessed areas / entrances should be protected with a suitable doormat (of sufficient size) to keep away coarse dirt, grit and stones.
  • Furniture legs should be protected by felt pads or plastic caps.
  • When moving heavy furniture lift it and do not drag it across the floor.
  • Put UV filter/sheer/curtain/blinds on windows in areas where there is direct exposure to sunlight.